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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is a double-sided square useful?
    It is useful because it allows you to mark both sides of the board. We mark both sides for several reasons including left handed or right handed guys cutting, our crews using worm drive or standard saws, cutting down from the top plate, or cutting up from scaffolding. Sometimes the sun is in your face or sawdust is blowing in your eyes, so you can adjust to either side of the board. On vertical surfaces, because there is only a 3/8" return/lip on a normal square, a normal square is falling off the board and users are having to go up and down a ladder several times to retrieve their square while they are working. Being double sided, you can have the Rapid Rafter sitting on the board while you answer your phone, sharpen your pencil, adjust your tape, etc. while you are up a ladder without having it fall to the ground.
  • Is the Rapid Rafter bulky?
    The Rapid Rafter is only .1 inch (2.54 mm) thicker than a typical square. The Rapid Rafter is only 1.2 ounces heavier than the typical square. Our square is also a 7" square. Our crews carry and use the Rapid Rafter all day and have found that it fits great in their tool bag with no added bulkiness!
  • But I need to be able to use the Rapid Rafter like a typical square. Can I do that?
    Yep! The Rapid Rafter can go from being used with both sides to being closed as a typical square. For convenience, the two sides of the Rapid Rafter snap together.
  • Is the Rapid Rafter durable?
    Our Rapid Rafters are made of a proprietary blend of high-impact polystyrene, making them tough and durable!
  • Does the Rapid Rafter Team have any experience in the construction industry and have they actually used the Rapid Rafter themselves?
    Yep! Our owner Peter Toomey, has been in the residential construction business for 40 years in the Austin, TX area (Check out his business here: As a daily user of the square, he desired to find a way to reduce the effort and time required to mark his companies boards. Our crews have been using our Rapid Rafters since 2022 and prefer them over a typical square!
  • I have more questions, can I contact you?
    Please do! Email us at and we will respond to your message within two business days.
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